29 thoughts on “Burn Barrel Alternative: BurnCage Home and Garden Incinerator”

  1. i need some help designing a backyard furnace to burn garbage with a fitler
    that could trap metals and toxins

  2. lol its a term used for engines when you supercharge/turbo them. I’m not
    sure if its correct t use it for firebins but it sounds cool :D

  3. This would work even better with a few holes (not too many try 6-8 first)
    about 2-3 inches down from the top. Fat pipe would make a big difference
    too. You need to get lots of extra oxygen to the wood-gas (hydrogen) once
    it’s nice and hot. I have made min versions from tin cans, no blower, just
    strategically placed holes. gives a nice blue jet flame like a lpg stove.
    Except it boils water faster…. Look up Wood gas stove for more info. lots
    of plans out there.

  4. @Robonza ohh ok,i bet they came in an exquisitley moulded plastic case?? i
    got 14 for $20.. ohh well.. Yep, fire is the main prob with the china tools ;) Keep them as cool as possible !!! THEY STILL NO GOOD !!! But maybe good
    for wood? as long as you dont hit a nail :s PS:i butcher,then
    re-manafacture (sometimes manafacture) my own tools…. So…. Re sharpen
    that baby with your dremel/grinder dawg…. I think they heat treated those
    cutters with a cup of green tea ? LOL

  5. Bet that will be the last hole that hole cutter cuts ;) There only ok for
    wood. Drill a series of holes nxt time. Nice vid m8.. Exterminate !!

  6. Cool Video! Check out the most powerful & hottest burn barrel ever; the
    Hi-Temp Burn Barrel by Burn Right Products.

  7. Exactly ! I have a DR trimmer, love the way it goes right through the weeds
    and small brush on fence lines and around the barns. But to be honest it is
    so heavey and hard to move around. On level ground it’s great, but on
    slopes and hills it is a real workout.

  8. Question, how does anyone, without getting burnt feed more material into
    the cage ? At least the barrel, is open at the top, and are cheap. I have
    used the barrel for many years, but, if you have a sample of the cage, I
    would gladly try it and give you my response!! Just saying! JC.

  9. Rust has nothing to do with Tetanus, stop spreading this myth. Tetanus is
    caused by bacteria in the soil. False association.

  10. I recently bought one of these and have been quite pleased so far. and for
    those criticizing the price. We all say we want jobs to come back to the
    USA. This item is made right here in America. It is not going to be price
    comparable to something made in China by people earning a dollar an hour.
    Call it economic patriotism. Made in the USA means the price of the item
    allows workers to be paid a decent wage.

  11. I agree completely! I love the DR products. They are well thought out and
    well made. The problem is many of them are so drastically overpriced that
    consumers find someone else who makes the same idea but at a lower price
    point. DR may be superior in many ways, but because of the drastic price
    difference, many consumers will never find out. $300 for a thin metal cage?
    Perfect example! .I could build something like this for about $30. Will it
    be as good, no. But it will do the exact same job.

  12. I like the idea from DR just saying over 300 for it is a bit high dont you
    think. Your paying for the name not the product.

  13. DR is fair when showing their machines/appliances in YT – your is the
    choice whether to buy them or just make a copy on your own! Not for sale in
    case they’ve patented them already… Such a burning cage is congenial due
    to free air penetration – I’d rather try a rocket stove instead. Many
    patterns and models of such are already existing in YT as well! Try and
    show your pattern.

  14. Not a fair fight, put as many holes in the burn barrel as your burn cage
    and a lid on the barrel with as many holes as yours and then do this test
    over again I bet the barrel will be just as good as your cage. plus with no
    large holes in the bottom edge of the barrel it can’t draw the air it needs
    . Barrels only $20. putting enough holes in it are free, just need a little
    time and muscle

  15. It’s not better for the pocket book I can buy 3 barrels for less than 20
    dollars and that will last me severl years. Your cost is outragious.

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